Do we have a problem?

The Social Work Reform Board in England (2010): “All organisations employing social workers should make a positive, unambiguous commitment to a strong culture of supervision, reflective practice and adaptive learning….

Are we there yet?

I’d love to know what you think about what seem to me to be contradictory priorities.  On the one hand  supervisees and supervisors are encouraged  to be ‘reflective’ in supervision, an activity which, but its very nature, requires transparency trust, openness and a willingness to consider how practice might be improved. An essential pedagogic activity is to learning from our mistakes, like learning to walk, picking ourselves up and having another go.  Reflective activities in supervision are presumably seeking to promote this kind of learning. On the other hand, supervisors are  also often and equally responsible for line and performance management, activities which  by their very nature, are not conducive to transparency and openess, making it less  likely that supervisees will be able to consider their mistakes and in so doing, decreasing its likely effectiveness as a tool for learning. Supervsion might then actually be anti-educational. perhaps?

Do we have a problem or am I missing something?

Is supervision the right forum for performance  and line management?


Welcome to my reflective supervision blog – please join in

What’s happened to supervision lately?


Is it just me, or has the connection between reflective practice and supervision in the health and social care professions got lost somewhere beneath the more obvious pressures of targets, risk management and ever-increasing case loads?

I have been convinced for many years that  reflective, not managerial, supervision is by far the best way to protect the vulnerable, develop the professional and maintain a resilient and productive workforce.  I’d like to know what you think.

Let’s talk…

I’d love to hear your stories and experiences of supervision.  What’s the best experience of supervision you’ve had?  What made it so good? Has it always been good?

Let’s share some  conversations that can either help  gather the evidence to support my claim or help convince me I’m wrong…..